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Do you want to run a table of adventurers, eagerly looking for that dragon to kill? Perhaps you want to show off your favorite game, or simply want to make sure you get to play it more often?

Well, you're in luck! KhaosKon is currently looking for Game Masters to propose and run some of our events. Head over to our Volunteer page to apply.

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Edition Gauntlet Ordeal: 5th ED (2014 - )
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Have you ever wanted to try to play D&D using a rules set you haven’t been able to try? Now’s your chance! Each of the EGO events will utilize a specific set of D&D rules throughout the game’s history! Each player will receive a pregenerated character that they can keep, and get a quick description of some of the history of that edition, and the game will be taught during the session. Now’s your chance to try the game the way it was played at these points in RPG history. The rules set used in this event will be the 5th Edition D&D rules, released in 2014.

You have returned to your hometown on the edge of the Colimir Forest to discover the village in disarray! The holy relic of Ste. Claire has been stolen from the church by humanoid bandits, who have taken up occupancy in the ancient Temple of Garaz’dur, built within the hard stone of the Cliffs of Tarkay. They will destroy the relic unless the village elder relinquishes an unpayable sum of money as well as a crippling amount of the villages’ crops. But perhaps you hometown heroes can retrieve the relic and defeat the evil lurking within the ancient temple.

Start Time: 1:30 PM Price: $2.00
Length: 2 hr(s) Max Players: 6
Organizer: Dan H Spots Open: 6

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