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Do you want to run a table of adventurers, eagerly looking for that dragon to kill? Perhaps you want to show off your favorite game, or simply want to make sure you get to play it more often?

Well, you're in luck! KhaosKon is currently looking for Game Masters to propose and run some of our events. Head over to our Volunteer page to apply.

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Settlers of Catan National Qualifier

Every year, players from all around the country compete in local qualifying tournaments. The winners of each of the tournaments are knighted and sent to the Catan Unites States Championship (CUSC) held at the Origins Game Fair, in Columbus, OH.

This Qualifier event will be held in a sequence of three groupings:

The preliminaries (5 hours) A series of 3 separate games of Catan. The scores that all players earn from these games will determine who will move on to the semi-finals

The semi-finals (3.5 hours) After all games in the preliminaries have been completed, the top 16 players will move on to the finals. Depending on the total number of players in the preliminaries, finalists will either play 1 or 2 games of Catan to determine who will advance to the finals.

The finals (1.5 hours) The top 4 players determined from the semi-finals will compete in 1 final game. The winner of this game will be our Qualifying Champion and will be sent to the CUSC in Columbus, OH. Catan Studio will provide the hotel room, convention registration for Origins Game Fair, and a celebratory dinner for all the Qualifier winners.

All players must be Citizens of the Unites States and 18 years or older to participate in an official Catan National Qualifier.

For a full set of rules go to the Official Rules

Start Time: 10:00 AM Price: $10.00
Length: 6 hr(s) Max Players: 32
Organizer: KhaosKon Spots Open: 20
Our Preregistration is now closed. Our registration will be open Saturday and Sunday onsite!

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