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Do you want to run a table of adventurers, eagerly looking for that dragon to kill? Perhaps you want to show off your favorite game, or simply want to make sure you get to play it more often?

Well, you're in luck! KhaosKon is currently looking for Game Masters to propose and run some of our events. Head over to our Volunteer page to apply.

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Dark Souls: The Board Game, Call of the Abyss
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Dark Souls - The Board Game is a miniature-based exploration board game that can be played cooperatively with up to four players. Players assume the game role of characters based on classes from the Dark Souls video game series and fight monsters and seek treasure. The game uses miniatures to represent players, mini-bosses and bosses. The miniatures are modelled after player characters and enemies of the video games Dark Souls (2011), Dark Souls II (2014), and Dark Souls III (2016). The miniatures move on a node-based game board. Combat is card-based; bosses have a set of "AI" cards that determine their movement and attacks.

To create different experiences each playthrough, players lay down random tiles and then draw encounter cards for each tile; encounter cards determine the enemies, terrain items and traps that spawn on that tile. Once players reach a boss, they choose a number of AI cards and shuffle them, then set aside a further "Heat Up" card. Players reveal the boss' AI cards in order without reshuffling until the boss drops below a certain amount of its total health points. The "Heat Up" card is then shuffled into the AI deck, giving the boss a new stronger card and changing the order in which it will attack for the remainder of the fight.

This particular scenario is "Call of the Abyss" ending with a fight against the Four Kings

Start Time: 6:00 PM Price: $0.00
Length: 2.5 hr(s) Max Players: 4
Organizer: Devon R Spots Open: 0
Our Preregistration is now closed. Our registration will be open Saturday and Sunday onsite!

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