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Do you want to run a table of adventurers, eagerly looking for that dragon to kill? Perhaps you want to show off your favorite game, or simply want to make sure you get to play it more often?

Well, you're in luck! KhaosKon is currently looking for Game Masters to propose and run some of our events. Head over to our Volunteer page to apply.

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DDAL08-10 The Skull Square Murders
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A D&D Adventurer's League module for characters levels 5-10 (tier 2). When Volothamp Geddarm hires you to recover a missing key, you find yourself wrapped up in a series of murders in Lower Skullport. Can you find the killer before they find you? Part One of the Skullport Shakedown trilogy. This adventure will include a playthrough of two bonus objectives

Start Time: 9:00 AM Price: $4.00
Length: 4 hr(s) Max Players: 7
Organizer: Alex K Spots Open: 7
Our Preregistration is now closed. Registration will open March 1st!